There are a couple different types of shoots I do. click which one you want and set it up!

SENIOR PORTRAITS: High school is ending, you’re going to be leaving for college soon, and mom is showing clear symptoms of early-onset empty-nest syndrome. What could you do to remedy this?… bless their shelves, walls, and computer wallpapers with gorgeous portraits of theirs truly. For just $140 and 1hr 30min of your time, you can wear as many outfits as your heart desires. The perfect way to make sure no hearts are aching when you leave the nest.

The Coach Seat Portrait:  The coach seat portrait is the straight up, simple, 1/2 hour 1 outfit shoot where you get 8-10 pictures in crispy beautiful full resolution. It’s the budget option at $60.

The Executive Portrait: What’s in a name?… Executive… in 45 minutes you’ll get to wear 2 outfits and I will bless your computer with 10-15 pictures in full resolution. Your executive position will only set you back $75.

The Practically A Model Portrait: So you need some great shots, maybe the old Instagram page needs some love. Well, you’ve met your match! for just 1 hour of your time, you will get 15-20 pictures once again in full resolution, and your only paying $90.

Portfolio/Submission Shoot: Getting into modeling is hard, and getting those first shots for your portfolio or agency submission can get expensive. If this is you, I have just the solution for you! For just $50 tell me what your pictures need to look like and I will do the rest! no time limits, and as many outfits as you need, for one price.

Branding Shoot: The online presence of your business can make or break its advertising conversion and traffic, and a brand is often evaluated visually first. For your brand to look good, you need great photos that express what your brand is all about. That, I can offer. For just $20 per hour and an additional $10 per shot, you will get beautiful pictures to put where you please, that perfectly encapsulates what your business does and what its brand is all about.

Business Headshots: Every business that has employees, or maybe doesn’t, deserves to have the most beautiful portraits of each worker that is a part of the company. These can be used for business cards, company ID badges, websites, and so many other things. At an economical price of just $30 per shot, I will give your employees beautiful portraits to identify with your business and their place of work.



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