About Me

My name is Jonathan Gregory, I have been working and studying photography for three years in Seattle. The bulk of this work has gone into creating portraits and landscape photographs that stand out from the rest. the idea behind Young One Photography is to create images that speak to the unique qualities of both the photographer and the subject. Getting to know and understand the personality of every client is of the utmost importance to me as it helps organically create comfort and flow while shooting. This, in turn, results in my clients getting the pictures they love.

I started Young One because of an eye condition called Amblyopia, which prohibits vision out of my left eye. Having limited vision had made it difficult for me to appreciate beautiful things like a sunset or a beautiful vista. In fall of 2012, I got my first camera, it was a small point and shoot but never the less, I started taking pictures and came to realize the power of what I had. I figured out I could take all the beautiful things in life, capture them,  and give them back to the world. As I took more pictures, I started to look at people who did it professionally and wanted to learn their techniques. This developed into an absolute love and passion for the art, I started to see beauty in the little aspects of life, like the face your best friend makes when you make a hilarious joke, or the look in the eyes of the person singing their heart out on the sidewalk with a guitar. Those were the things that inspired Young One Photography, and they will be the things that keep it going.



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